1340 E 6th Street
Suite #505
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(Inside the ETO Building)


Sewing Series Workshop

These workshops help you get your skills to the next level after the Introduction of Home Sewing Machine and Serger Machine. We have a series of projects to guide you through different creations and sewing techniques. Our projects are included the pants, skirt, shirt, legging, hoodie, pillow case, zipper bag and more. You will be guided and learn how to sew the studio-projects on your own pace with our experienced instructor.

Our studio-project take between 1 to 3 workshops to finish and we highly recommend to sign up bundle of 5 Sewing Workshops for the best value.

These workshops have no expiration date, so pick any day that works for you! Each project’s material is $10, or you can bring your own materials.

If you would like to learn other than the studio-projects, please sign up for the Personal Workshop.

Come to join us to master the basic and advanced sewing technique to make your own project with ease.

Wed @ 1pm-3pm
Thu @ 7pm-9pm
Sat @ 1pm-3pm