Everything starts with an idea.
– Earl Nightingale

What do we do in Sew FYI?

Sew FYI is a sewing and design co-working studio in Downtown Los Angeles. We’re a community of creative minds working on bold ideas.

We’re like a gym for designers – we provide the equipment, you bring the creativity! Our open studio is ideal for seamstresses, designers, and visionary minds craving an artistic space to develop their personal collections. Our members have full access to fabric tools and guidance to help them create their line, look, or project.

We thrive on sharing ideas in an open, nurturing environment. No experience necessary; we invite everyone from first-time sewers to professional designers to join our community!

Our Mission

Sew FYI’s helps creative minds achieve their best work in a supportive and resourceful environment, one where new faces and seasoned veterans come together to practice the art of fashion design and production.

Whether you have a clear vision, want to collaborate with fellow creators, or just want to explore a new side of your creativity, Sew FYI provides the tools and atmosphere you need to harness your raw passion for design.

We promote sewing by providing instruction, inspiration, and encouragement to all fashion enthusiasts. Sew FYI offers a variety of services and is a great place to start your project. We also hold unique functions such as industry meet-ups, fittings, or company team-building activities.


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