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Free Pattern FAQ

  • Why are these patterns free?
    These patterns are mainly provided to our students for their sewing practices. Please note NO sewing instruction is given in the patterns. We now offer to everyone who would like to sew.
  • What sewing machine do I need to start sewing your patterns?
    Most of the patterns can be sewn by the Single Sewing Machine. Serger (Overlock Machine) is nice addition to make the projects easier, especially for the knit catogory - like making a Tee shirt.
  • Can I sell what I make from Sew FYI pattern?
    Yes, you may sell the product made of Sew FYI pattern but please do not re-sell the pattern.
  • Can I swap woven and knit fabrics for the patterns?
    It can be but we don’t recommend. Things to be considered when looking at using a woven pattern with knit fabric. There are some details on garments that knits simply cannot do the way a woven can, and vice versa. You need to play to the strengths of the fabric’s inherent properties and patterns construction to determinate if it is doable.
  • How do I download/print a free pattern?
    All patterns are all digital PDFs and are downloadable to you instantly. The pattern can be printed on any paper size. Make sure that your print is set to print at 100% (actual size) and scaling is turned off. Before printing the entire pattern, locate the page in your pattern that has the test square. Always print this page first on its own to check that you got the 100% scale correct. Measure the test square, and if it does not measure correctly, check your print scaling options. We recommend to bring the file to the print store like Office Depot and do the large format printing (36”x48”) to save time for assembly.
  • How do the patterns fit?
    Our patterns have variety of sizes depends on the style. The Size Guide Chart is marked in each pattern for your reference.
  • Is seam allowance included in the pattern?
    Yes, the seam allowances are marked in all patterns.
  • What if I need help with these free patterns?
    We currently don’t offer online support. Please sign up for our sewing or personal workshop to get helps.
  • What kind of the fabric should I use for your patterns?
    Our patterns are divided by 2 categories – Woven and Knit. We recommend to use s, Light and Medium weight woven fabrics such as cotton, seersucker, rayon, linen, twill, or chambray for Woven Category. Soft knit fabric like Jerseys, Interlock, Tricot, Thermal Knit or French Terry are good choices for the Knit Category. For beginner, please try to avoid the slippery fabric like silk and chiffon because both kinds of the fabrics are difficult to sew with.
  • Who makes these patterns?
    All patterns are made and designed by Sew FYI. We are happy if you share these patterns with your friends and communities.