We love fashion partners. In Biz club, we offer special rate for group of friends, start-ups and small fashion businesses to work in our generous equipped studio.  It is like your mini-sample room. Your designer, papermaker, technician and seamstress can all work together in cozy environment to create amazing pieces.

To become a Biz Club member,  we require to have 3+ members in your group to receive this special rate.  It is only $165 per person/per month (vs. $195/month as a regular member). 

We offer instructor workshops 6 days a week, please see workshop schedules for details. 

To sign up as a Biz Club member, please provide a name for your group and individual name of members in your group.  (Example: Biz name: New Frontier and members' name: Jenny White, Patrick Scott, Emily Tan) 

We are passionate about the fashion entrepreneurship. We love to provide anything we can to make your fashion journey to be successful.  We also recommend you our trusty designers, seamstresses, technicians and papermakers for your business needs. The rate of individual will be variable depends on the mutual agreements.

Please contact us if you have any questions.